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What is better than camping?

Here at Lone Loon Song, we are passionate about encouraging and inspiring everyone to “get out there!”. Of course, we mean camping. (In the great outdoors. You know. Camping and the outdoors? )

As a result, we’ll be talking about what we have found to be useful stuff when camping.) Because of these and other reasons, we started this blog.

Why are we writing about camping?

To begin with: We would be happy to be useful to our friends, whether they are just beginning, or avid campers. (If you are just camping curious, be sure to check out our cheapskate camping blog.) Secondly, everyone has something to offer, so if you’re feeling so inclined, drop us a line and include your best camping hacks. Nothing would make us happier than to have a community of like-minded outdoors folks like you.

This camping thing, what’s in it for me?

I’m glad you asked. Thirdly, and quite possibly most importantly, the benefits of the outdoors are pretty widely known; mentally, physically, and even spiritually. For instance, a quick Google search reveals that time spent outdoors is quality time – in countless ways. Therefore, while we cannot be sure how much we can add to that learned body of work, we will just …

Here are a few personal favorite reasons for grabbing our gear and going to camp.

Here we go:

  1. It’s satisfying to be self-reliant, therefore when you create your own shelter, food, and warmth something great happens.
  2. It’s good exercise. Or not. It’s entirely up to the camper.
  3. It builds relationships and helps to bring people together.
  4. We can’t explain this one, but we firmly believe that food tastes better outside. Call us crazy. Take a number.
  5. We get a great sleep. Something about being away from electricity and screens resets our body clocks. (We’ve expanded considerably on this in “The Benefits of Camping.”)

One last thought (Before you “De-camp”)

(See what we did there? We’re not above a few cheap yucks. You can get away with “Dad jokes” around the campfire. You just can.)

We realize that camping may be a little intimidating if you are starting out, so we are here to help. If we can help you or even inspire or entertain you please don’t hesitate to contact us, ask a question or suggest topics for future articles. This is really helpful for us. We will add content at least once a week. We hope our friends will find this useful, or at least entertaining.

Here are some of our articles that we hope you might find useful:

Lone Loon Song is an organic thing, not static. If you like it, tell your friends! If you are an experienced camper and we got it wrong, tell us! Thanks for being here, and we hope to see you again soon!